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Who we Are

Who we Are

The Luxury Spot offers simple solutions to life’s most difficult problems. We are a premier luxury travel and lifestyle management company offering concierge services tailored to create unforgettable experiences in Greece.

The Luxury Spot’s expert team has a wealth of experience in the luxury lifestyle industry, and their specialist contacts mean that whatever you need, be it tickets to top sporting events, travel with a motor Yacht, fly with a Learjet or a last minute table at the restaurant everyone is talking about – The Luxury Spot can do it.


Award Winning Quality

Quality is central to every employee in the company.The Luxury Spot is dedicated to delivering excellent services worldwide every day. Our way of operating is designed to achieve results that exceed the expectations of our clients, our members, and our partners.

We take great care in responding to each request and in maintaining each relationship. We solicit constant customer feedback to continually improve our levels of service.


Customer Focus

The Luxury Spot places the customer at the heart of our business. We strive daily to meet the demands of our customers with a single purpose: to act at all times in their best interest, systematically and continuously achieving the highest levels of member satisfaction.

We are dedicated to providing clients with personalized service and meeting their expectations in the most timely manner, offering them the special attention they appreciate. We aim to improve the lives of our customers by exceeding their expectations and giving added value to every service we provide.



The Luxury Spot is passionate about service. We are ever on the lookout for new ways to move the service industry and related sectors forward, imagining the future, anticipating new strategies and setting bold new objectives. We have made use of technology to consistently achieve better results, improving efficiency and performance.

We are constantly challenging the status quo to find ways to improve. Our employees are open to change, ready to take on new challenges and attain new levels of service excellence.

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